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About Me


I'm Tom, a self taught website developer. My focus is to design, develop and deliver beautiful and functional websites. My goal is to provide high quality websites that are tailored to your needs, which grow your business and help you achieve your goals.

I work around the world...


My development journey started in 2019, when I decided to change directions from physiotherapy to web development. I have always been interested in technology and the internet, so I decided to switch from helping people in a physical sense to helping people in a digital sense.

I have always been a creative person, I like to paint, photograph and record video. I decided to combine my creativity, knowledge of internet technology and combine it with my desire to provide people with a service they will be happy with.

I like to photograph stuff...


How Can I Help?

I specialise in building websites using code. This allows me to create a website that is quality, both what you see on the screen and what you don't see in the code.

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Build Your Idea

Weather you have a new idea or an existing business, I can build a website that will help you achieve your goals and make you stand out from your competition.

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Establish Your Brand

Your website will cover all aspects of your brand, from the look and feel to the functionality and user experience. It doesn't stop there...

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Grow Your Business

My ultimate goal is to grow your business online, through traffic and conversions. It is my business to make sure your business thrives.

Got a project in mind? Let's chat.


Available for hire; here's my CV:

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....constructor() { = 'Tom Penny'; = ''; = +44 (0) 7708754503;

........this.location = 'Oxfordshire, England'

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'HTML', 'CSS', 'SCSS', 'Tailwind', 'JavaScript', 'Next.js, 'React.js', 'Alpine.js', 'Laravel', 'SEO', 'Google Analytics', 'Adobe Creative Cloud', 'UX/UI', 'Wordpress', 'NPM', 'Netlify'


........this.hobbies: [


'Powerlifting', 'Videography', 'Painting', 'Photography', 'Camping', 'Audiobooks'


........this.interests: [


'Audiobooks', 'Cooking', 'Meditation', 'Traveling', 'Music', 'Podcasts', 'F1', 'Technology', 'Hiking'




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